New Episode. New Season!

2009-09-28 22:16:02 by gothkyd

Ok Season 3 is finally here! I updated the character designs and doubled up the frame rate. It took a while to get everything set up for the new season but hopefully now that I've got the new structure down the other episodes won't take too long to come out. I'll try to post updates every so often.
For now, enjoy part 1 of episode 21!

I had to post the new intro separately from the actual episode but both of them are now on the portal so check them out when you get the chance!

New Episode. New Season!


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2009-09-28 23:23:24

Man I love the series, and the fact that it lacks violence, sex or sick stuff makes it one of the few series I can show to my little cousin. Although, I dont mean to be rude, but I strongly believe you could use a good to help you with character designs fonts or backgrounds.
There is loads of good artists willing to help here on newgrounds (for instance, me). I also understand you may not want this help, but if you decide something anything PM and we┬┤ll see what we can do.


2009-09-29 14:32:48

get a better microphone....


2009-09-30 01:49:38

Awesome series guys. I've been a fan ever since I found the series. Last night, before I even watched the Intro, or Ep. 21, I rewatched the whole series. You have come a long way with the graphics, sounds, and storyline, and I can't wait to see future episodes. Hopefully, there will be one soon. I kind of hope Spear comes back some time in the series and teams up with EmoKid to try to take down the Goths (of course he can't/won't succeed, but still, I would like to see him return for a final showdown). Good luck with the rest of the series, it's really Gothsome. Yah.


2009-09-30 21:13:05

Don't change a thing. Well you could make misery talk but i guess that's the magic bout her. I love this show reminds me of my friends and I.


2009-11-01 20:47:20

YES!!!! Finally! ME and my sister have been waiting for season 3 for so long!
I'm very glad the we will finally get to watch it! :D
I love what you've done with the characters as well!
More comments to come, dude!


2009-11-16 22:04:57

ITS A MIRACLE!!!!! I thought we'd all fade away into nothingness before the new episode was released.........but i guess you proved me wrong ^_^


2010-03-31 11:21:57

awesome series its funny and cool keep on making ideas:)


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