Website is up! and Clay Lyfe Q&A

2009-06-14 00:59:21 by gothkyd

Just wanted to let everyone know, the website is now up, there's not much there right now, but I did post the first level of a Pet Lyfe game I started a while ago. check it out here:

the new season is on its way, there's a Clay Lyfe special posted on youtube where the characters try to answer some questions. check that out here: n3is

I've been working hard to get the next episode done, hopefully it won't be much longer.

Website is up! and Clay Lyfe Q&A


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2009-07-07 21:38:11

Clay Life rockx
Lookin 4ward 2 da completed website!!


2009-08-13 13:19:01

you guys rock cant wait for more episodes