Working on Season 3 and website!

2009-02-18 14:17:21 by gothkyd

Just wanted to let everyone know what I'm working on. Character Models for the main characters have been revamped for season 3, and the script is all done. just waiting for the voice clips to be completed and I'll start animating. In other news, i've been working on the website for the show, looks good so far, hoping to have some extra content of there to make the wait for new material a little easier on everyone. Alright that's all I got for now. thanks for watching!

Working on Season 3 and website!


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2009-02-19 09:57:39

youre welcome :d BUT I CANT WAIT!!!


2009-03-15 16:24:09

GAWSOME can't wait for season 3, (lol october in july)


2009-03-31 14:34:48

Gawsome dude....and season 3 is gonna rock i bet...


2009-04-04 22:42:12

When mace blinks his eyebrows go with the eyes, which is... odd.

Not to mention everything is made from brush.

Dialogue's a bit slow, too.

Still, I slightly enjoy the series.


2009-04-11 00:49:35

Can't wait for it!